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How the map works

The homepage map will take some time to load. You can click any destination on the map and more information and photos appear. You can click the lines as well. The blue lines are the fastest routes across the continent. The green lines connect some of the most impressive national parks. Included is information on the fastest travel time, the cheapest tickets available and how to get them. Note that these do not always correspond. Fastest times are sometimes more expensive. Railax does not sell any tickets. We just bring you to the right source, as the low-carbon equivalent of skyscanner does not yet exist. Don't be afraid to transfer money to an unknown foreign train-, bus- or ferrycompany these days. Every company here handles credit cards and emails your tickets within seconds. Just double check the dates before you confirm.

Destinations are chosen for attracting many tourists, where low-carbon alternatives are perfectly possible. Some lesser known but mindblowing destinations are added to show what your own continent has to offer, without needing a car. No need to fall for the abundant fly-drive commercials. Railax has a focus on showing you the best prices for overland travel, while keeping it comfortable. That means a train rather than a bus, and no overnight train or bus. Overnight trains are less comfortable when sharing a sleeping compartment and expensive when buying your own. Some overnight ferries have affordable private rooms.

Wondering how to travel by public transport from your home? In North America, has the best map for trains. is now the best source for long distance bus travel here. In Europe, is the best source to find train connections to anywhere from your nearest train station.  

    To get a visual map of trains stations within 8 hours travel time of your local train station, search it in to get your personal map like the one below.

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