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How the map works

The Railax map provides suggestions for travelling comfortably to the most amazing destinations by train, bus and ferry. Destinations are chosen for being visually attractive, not overrun by tourists, accessible by public transport and for being an ideal stopover for travelling further. 

The destinations on the map and the routes between them are clickable, showing more information and images. Clicking on the routes shows a minimum travel time, a minimum price and the website to book tickets.

Note that the minimum price is often not available when booked shortly before travelling. Generally booking 1-3 months ahead gives the best price. Also the minimum travel time does often, but not always, correspond with the minimum price. 

The routes mentioned do not contain night trains or night buses. To convince a large medium-wealthy but comfort-seeking group to avoid the use of planes, the budget shared traincabins or night buses are beyond the target group, as are pricey private sleeper cabins. That said, we think night trains can be a great experience and an efficient means to cover large distances, especially in not-so-spectacular landscapes.


Typically, the travel time between suggested destinations is between 4 and 8 hours. Use to calculate the travel time between the destination nearest to you and your local train station. is today still the most complete website to search for distances between your nearest train station and any selected destination.   

    To get a visual map of trains stations within 5 hours travel time of your local train station, search it in to get your personal map like the one below.

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