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Welcome to Railax
We are an international group of avid travellers, driven by a need to quickly decarbonize the travel sector and keep warming of this planet within 1.5C. All sectors already contribute substantially, but not the travel sector, where so much can be done. We don't mean small technology fixes, where we keep flying more and create a net increase of emissions for years to come. We mean travelling smarter and fly less, much less. Overland travelling is fun and comfortable but underrepresented. We use our experience and show you how to use of it in the most comfortable and effective way.  

Railax is a non-profit initiative to help you find the cheapest low-carbon tickets and show you new destinations. 

Railax is made to provide alternatives to both short-haul and long-haul flights. Your own continent has natural wonders to show you that match the beauty of those on other continents. Combine destinations the smart way. The journey is the destination.

Railax is made with the help of UXRescue.

Railax and enjoy the ride!

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